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Today, fashion, which is identified with the textile sector and clothing, comes from the Latin word modo, which means right now. The word meaning of fashion in Italian; It is referred to as a temporary innovation that enters the social life with the desire to adorn or the need for change or the adornment. Another meaning of fashion is social taste that is active for a certain period of time, excessive and widespread fondness for something. The word fashion is expressed in several ways in the dictionaries of the Turkish Language Association. The first of these is as follows: Temporary innovation that enters social life with the need for change or the desire to embellish. In other words, the word meaning in Italian is almost the same. According to TDK, another definition is temporarily suitable for innovation and social taste. These definitions show that fashion has moved away from its true meaning over time. Fashion in the known sense does not only mean popular clothing preferences and trends of the period. For most of us today, fashion simply means clothes and accessories. However, this concept is not only related to the textile industry. Fashion; subjects such as art, music, theatre, literature, food, interior architecture, architecture, gardening, television, cinema; rather, it includes anything that stimulates the senses. Still, the rationale for this change is understandable. In history, the clothing style belonging to a certain age is recorded as fashion. Clothing habit; used synonymously with the mood of the moment. Some other sources include fashion, clothing, labels, invitations, and daily habits or style of others and clothing, behavior, etc. It defines it as the traditional use by a society that is especially distinguished or structured to be elite.With its general usage, fashion is the name given to the general style of clothing that is increasing in popularity, which refers to the preferences of people in a certain time period, mostly about clothing. Although fashion generally refers to a popular style of clothing, nowadays in some regions it seems to refer to the clothing preferences of high society or celebrities. Originally, fashion refers to changing, rising trends of choice in many fields. The reason why the word fashion literally means popular clothing style is due to all kinds of investments of the clothing industry in this field. This usage feature is not only common in our country, but also in many cultures, it is used in the sense of clothing preferences in fashion society. What Is The Meaning Of Fashion That Is Not In Dictionaries (Shall We Follow Moda) The important point here is who directs and determines fashion, that is, clothing trends in today's meaning. I wonder what is the power that unites hundreds of fashionistas in the media to say, these are in fashion this year, we will wear these colors this summer or they will be in fashion in the fall? The determining factor in fashion is big clothing companies and big companies operating in the textile field. The most important factor affecting fashion (only the clothing industry) in today's sense is the colors and fabrics that have been in fashion in the past years. A color and fabric that was once fashionable will definitely be in fashion again in the coming years. Because big companies use fashion only to sell the yarn and fabric they have left at a higher price. For example, let's say red is a fashionable color this year, companies in the sector produced yarn and fabric in this color in abundance. It would be great if the yarn and fabrics of this color are completely consumed by the customers, but if these produced yarns and fabrics are not consumed enough, they are of course not thrown away, they are waiting in the warehouses. Until the red color, yarn and fabrics are in fashion again, the determining factor here is the size of the remaining amount of red color product, if the quantity is large, that color will be in fashion again in a shorter time because it requires a cost in storage. If there is something to be taken out of here; it is also necessary that fashion should not be something to be taken seriously and taken into account.What is fashion? They are temporary innovations in various areas of social life. Fashion shows itself mostly in dressing, toilet and furniture. But since these changes are mostly in clothing, clothes come to mind when it comes to fashion. The world's leading fashion designers organize fashion changes in men's and women's clothing. In this area, Paris is the center of women's fashion and London is the center of men's fashion. Events such as changes in life conditions, books, movies, war, famine and abundance have a wide impact on fashion. Fashion is new habits that are tried to be formed. It depends on time. Habit is both what fashion tries to destroy and what it tries to do. It is an effort to destroy the previous habit and replace it with new ones. It is an element of the liberal economy that generally works in favor of creating consumption, but it would still be too shallow to define fashion with just jewelry and clothes. Fashion also means current. The literary movement of the period is the fashion of the moment. The speaking style of the announcers is the fashion of that period. The competitions used by the channels in the race they entered to distribute money and get ratings can be counted as the fashion broadcasts of the televisions of this period. This period is the fashion of serials. Our age is an age where new things that we call fashion have almost come to an end. In my opinion, it has been about 400 years since the naming of fashion. Fashion goes all the way back to the 30 years war. In this period, for the sake of differentiation, fashion was named after the clothes used in the soldiers.Textile fashion, which has reached the level of nudity for the last 20 years, is doing incredible things. Since no new color can be invented in this period, the cycle has begun. People will accept what they call fashion today, 60 years later, and call it magnificent. Fashion is a field in which everyone who wants or does not want to dress well. By the way, apart from the artistic sense of fashion, fashion is actually an effort to create consumption. In other words, it is a consumption that consists of expecting things other than their purpose from clothes that fulfill their purpose. New fashion is old fashioned. Or the new fashion is now technology. Even making clothes that change color is far from stopping this fashion. Why because one leaves the right shoulder exposed and the other left shoulder. Do not say what the difference is, the difference is that it is fashionable. You may not be very interested in fashion, you may not be watching fashion programs and you may not be visiting fashion websites, but this does not cause you to fall behind in fashion, the moment you go out and say "Oh, I saw a very nice jacket, I have to buy it right away", you are living in fashion. Fashion varies from taste to taste, from age to age. Wearing what suits you changes everything. What does "fashion" mean in the dictionary? 1. Temporary innovation that enters the life of society with the need for change or the desire to embellish. 2. Social admiration that is active for a certain period of time, excessive fondness for something. 3. Temporarily suitable for innovation and social taste.What is fashion? Fashion is the general name given to the trend that determines the popularity of needs such as clothing, shoes, make-up, hair and furniture throughout the year. Although the fashion, which both men and women attach great importance to, differs every year, the fashion of the past years may come to the fore years later. Every year, various colors and models become popular in clothes, shoes, accessories. In fact, the most important determinants of fashion, which women are more interested in, are also women. The fact that women are very interested in clothing makes fashion even more important.Some people who do not prefer to follow the general fashion prefer to create their own fashion. The idea of Fafashion sickle of many fashion designers is “Fashion is when people wear what suits them.” The fact that fashion changes every year also contributes to important movements in the clothing, accessories and footwear sectors. Because especially women's intense interest in fashion increases the need for shops and hairdressers, causing fashion to come to the fore in different ways every year. Fashion in the field of furniture is also one of the important details taken into account in home designs. Because decorating a house is just as important as clothing.Clothing, shoes, hair and make-up should be in harmony with each other as well as in accordance with the fashion of the day. The same importance should be taken into account when decorating the house. Because it is extremely important for clothing and home decoration to be in harmony with each other as well as being fashionable. Why Is Fashion Important? First, let's define the word fashion. Fashion is defined in different ways from different perspectives in different segments. While some segments call fashion as wearing what suits oneself, the popularity of colors, patterns and models used by fashionistas throughout the year in some segments are also among the determinants of fashion. It is not a correct idea to consider fashion only as clothes. The scope of fashion is quite wide. Clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags, make-up and hairstyles are also included in fashion. When it comes to fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is women. However, it is among the indispensables of fashion men. Although not as much as women, men are close followers of fashion. Due to the increasing interest in fashion every year, it increases its importance at the same rate. In some quarters, fashion is interpreted as very wrong.Fashion doesn't just mean choosing expensive clothes, shoes or accessories. The most important detail in fashion is the harmony of all the preferred details. In other words, clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, make-up, shawls or scarves all in harmony can mean fashion. The fact that the pieces you prefer are irrelevant and not compatible with each other will not only take you away from fashion, but also make you look shabby. The importance of fashion is most evident in such situations. Because the main purpose of fashion is to adapt. A style that is in harmony will allow you to create an image that is both fashionable and stylish.