Superlingo: Learn Lanaguages MOD (Plus Subscription)

Superlingo – Learn Languages ​​is a free, exciting application that gives players a great space to learn foreign languages. If you always feel self-deprecating because you cannot communicate with foreigners, please consider this application. It mainly provides a variety of English-Chinese bilingual lessons for everyone. A person starting with the number o will lead to proficiency in these two languages with the app. In today’s life, communication is essential for us humans, and it is the bridge between people to create a complete conversation

FREE FOREIGN LANGUAGE LEARNING APPS Superlingo is a language learning application specializing in English and Chinese that has just been released recently. Similar to Duolingo, this application still provides the same features, even improved with many new functions. Because the application mainly offers two languages, a treasure of knowledge that is continuously updated gives users a new space to start their journey to conquer foreign languages. In the past, some people were still afraid of learning a foreign language, and they found it challenging to face it. Since the advent of modern technology, many people have started to have more passion for conquering languages. PROFESSIONAL TEACHING METHODS Although, unlike other offline training programs, Superlingo always has professional teaching methods suitable for the 4.0 era. When using the application, users will feel friendly and always have more motivation to conquer foreign languages. Most of the teaching methods are developed with AI technology that integrates a lot of professional content. Therefore, users should not worry about teaching methods in this application. Besides, the learning method in the application also helps users quickly grasp and understand the lesson in a highly effective way.

IMPROVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS Not only learning a foreign language to know, but users also use it in many different cases. In fact, learning a foreign language is a significant thing for us. You can use the lessons you learn from the application to communicate with the people around you. The learning method that Superlingo provides to users is learning through images, videos, and stories. These help users quickly grasp the lesson better and can remember vocabulary longer. After the user has accumulated a certain amount of language combined with connecting sentences, you can have essential communication with others. INTEGRATED STUDY PROGRESS TRACKING In the application, users will be individually set up a study schedule with flexible time for users to learn more efficiently. After each lesson, users will be tested to assess their ability to remember after that lecture. Your score will be increased if your memory is good. From there, users can unlock more new lessons. Meaning, Superlingo will improve many skills for users to practice more. LEARNING LEVEL TEST In fact, testing the learning level in the application will help users realize what scale their group is on. From there, you have learning measures to improve the quality of learning better. The plus point of Superlingo is that users will be tested with all four skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as an offline training program. Besides, the application also offers many different modes for users to choose the suitable method for their level. Download Superlingo: Learn Lanaguages (MOD, Plus Subscription)