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Marginal clothing style: It is the style of remarkable people who have an extraordinary appearance and style in society. With their hair, make-up, the colors they wear and the colors they choose, they are quite remarkable and have a different appearance. Maximalist clothing style: The maximalist fashion, which is the fashion trend of the 80s, emerged as the opposite of the minimalist trend that emerged in the 60s. Masculine clothing style: The masculine style that we have heard frequently lately is a style that is achieved by adding feminine lines to men's clothing. Minimalist clothing style: It is a fashion trend that emerged in the 1960s in the history of fashion and is dominated by simplicity and a plain style. Monochrome style of clothing: Monochrome clothing is the best example of the combination of black and white. Modest/modest clothing style: If we generalize modest clothing, we can say the following: it is a clothing style that expresses comfortable, long, closed and simple clothing. Pin-up clothing style: This is a style of clothing that humorously emphasizes a hidden charm, romance and sexuality. Punk clothing style: Punk clothing style, which symbolizes a rebellious stance, emerged in England in the 1970s with the music group "Sex Pistols". Retro clothing style: It is the re-fashioning of the pieces that were quite fashionable in the past. Romantic clothing style: It is the expression of the feminine look in a simple and elegant style, not provocative. Sophisticated clothing style: This word, whose meaning changes in different fields, is used as a fashion term with the meanings of stylish, distinguished, different and reflects a "fine taste". Sportswear style: It is one of the daily clothing styles in which comfortable and simple models are preferred. Tomboy clothing style: As a fashion style, "tomboy style" represents attractive ladies who wear masculine clothes. However, no matter how much men's clothes are worn, the "feminine" somehow stands out from somewhere.