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Summer Fashion Tips Fafashion.

Casual/daily clothing style: It is the casual, casual, casual, casual, casual style of clothing that we call sportswear. Dramatic style of dressing: It is the style of dressing of people who like to wear clothes that are always in fashion, as opposed to traditional. Edgy/irritable-grumpy clothing style: It is a style created by those who like to dress provocatively and attract attention in fashion. Eclectic clothing style: It is a mixed fashion style created by combining contrasting pieces from different styles and incompatible models and colors. Elegant clothing style: Elegant means "elegant, thin, gentle, polite" as a word. In fashion, it expresses an "elegant, meticulous, orderly, quality" stance. Feminine clothing style: Feminine literally means "feminine". Feminine clothing style is used for clothing style that emphasizes feminine lines. Futuristic clothing style: Futurism, which means “uzgör” in Turkish, is the reflection of a trend of thought derived from the English word “future” (future). Glamorous clothing style: It represents a shining, glamorous, remarkable and ostentatious clothing style that emerged in the 70s.Gothic clothing style: "Gothic fashion", a fashion trend in which the dark, mysterious, exotic and complex aspects of the middle age came to the fore, became popular in the 70s and 80s, when the punk movement eased. Grunge clothing style: We can say that the grunge style of clothing, which also expresses a relaxed and careless style, is evident with the lumberjack shirt. Hip-hop clothing style: Hip-hop clothing fashion is a fashion trend that emerged in regions where African-American youth are predominantly located, such as New York, Los Anglese, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit. Hipster clothing style: Hippies consist of people who were popular in the 60s and adopted a bohemian lifestyle. Hipsters, on the other hand, are the new generation hippies who are more modern, follow technology and trends, active after the 1990s. Hippie clothing style: Hippie fashion is a fashion trend created by the youth of the 60s, which we know as “flower children”. Hippies consist of people who were popular in the 60s and adopted a bohemian lifestyle. Holographic clothing style: A new fashion trend called holographic fashion was born when the iridescent light plays that we see on the CDs spread to the fashion industry. Classical style of clothing: It is a style of clothing that does not go out of fashion, simple and formal clothing items are used together. College/preppy clothing style: The most distinctive feature of preppy clothing style, that is, college clothing style, is that it appeals to young people between the ages of 15-25 and consists entirely of sportswear. Cowboy clothing: It is an authentic style and is the way of dressing of the old west. In other words, it is the style of clothing we see in western movies.