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SoundHound is a mobile music genre that can genre and assist popular music with ease. In addition to the direction of the music, you can control SoundHound with voice, enabling it to perform many functions without having to touch your mobile device.

SoundHound Music Search On the radio, on the street, on the road or maybe in a cafeā€¦ You can use SoundHound to find out who the music you hear belongs to and even find the lyrics. After installing SoundHound, it is enough to press the big button and hold your mobile device towards the music location and listen to it in 5-10 seconds, for SoundHound to bring you the name, artist and lyrics of the track you want. You don't need to have heard music from somewhere to use SoundHound. If you want, you can easily find the songs you want with SoundHound by singing or humming the part of the song you remember. While SoundHound's ingenuity on foreign songs is great when it comes to finding music, you can realize that it is quite talented in Turkish songs in a few minutes. You should definitely try SoundHound, which manages to find even many old tracks easily and in seconds, as a competitor to Shazam. SoundHound also allows you to listen to a track right after you find it. With the help of a single button, you can listen to the track you find on Spotify or YouTube with its video right away. Download SoundHound

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