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Soul Browser Premium

The most important thing in the browser is a nice display of content. To achieve this goal, Soul Browser offers various functions. All functions are fast and powerful. It is intuitively designed for ease of use. Every effort has been made to provide the unique value of Soul Browser. Soul Browser wants to be a valuable app that has been loved for a long time. You can protect your personal information such as your visit history and download history. Various locking methods are supported. You can choose as you want.

Features: - Dark theme Protect your sight. You can configure the user interface of the application and the website separately. You can choose according to your wishes. - Listen comfortably with Voice to text-to-speech. When you click on the text displayed in the browser, - View pictures only You can view pictures on the web as a book - Save all pictures You can save pictures from the web at once. - Efficiently manage your Album Artwork. If you download multiple images, you may have difficulty managing them. - Broadcast TV This app is enabled for Broadcast TV. - Change font You can change the font of web pages. You can replace the font with TTF files in internal storage or SD card. - Gestures You can move pages and tabs with gestures. It offers a variety of shapes. - Customization You can change the UI as you wish. You can freely change the location of the icon or address bar.


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Head of Developers

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Java Developer (CEO) Gunduz Aliyev

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