Simple Social Pro

Facebook is currently one of the largest social networking applications in the world and is trusted and selected by many people. With the many useful features that Facebook has brought many users to connect with each other, update news quickly, create group pages, post personal status lines, comment, share personal opinions. and much more. But for the mobile version, there are many limitations that can be known as having to be bundled with the Messenger app to chat with friends.

So now on the app store, there are also many alternatives to Facebook and prominent among them can be said: Simple Pro for Facebook. Developed by Creative Trends Apps LLC, a company specializing in developing applications specifically for the creative field, they focus heavily on the design of applications, clothing, and the arts. With many new functions, “Simple Pro for Facebook & more” brings the essential features of Facebook into a single application. Users will get an experience like using Facebook on a computer. Although you have to pay about 4$ to install this application, for the “Simple Pro for Facebook & more”. This will be an application worth using instead of Facebook. HOW TO USE Basically, this is a specialized application for Facebook, with the interface design is no different from Facebook so users can easily get used to it without spending too much time. . As mentioned above Simple Pro for Facebook includes Facebook-like access and messaging without the need to install additional battery-draining apps like Messenger to chat with friends, because it’s Mobile web version should “Simple Pro for Facebook & more” also integrate Messenger, more convenient is not it. In addition, this application also helps users can simply download videos or photos taken from Facebook with just one button. Users can reset notification mode on facebook by setting the synchronization time will help users can update news in the notification section.

Simple Pro for Facebook brings users many outstanding features that even Facebook does not have. Smart bookmarking: When you are focusing on “surfing Facebook”, you can see the pages or groups that you are interested in but still do not know how to save these posts. With this feature, it will help users to bookmark the pages and groups that you are interested in and then store them in smart bookmarks section so that users can quickly access these pages to view news. Block ads: During the time you watch news or videos, it will not be surprising to be interrupted by ads or sponsored posts that will make you uncomfortable waiting for all the ads run to the end. Therefore, this feature will allow users to block sponsored ads and posts, allowing users to comfortably continue while surfing Facebook or watching videos. Of course, if you still like to see ads, you can still reopen this feature through the settings.

Customize colors: With this feature, users can freely change the color of the application interface according to their favorite colors, making your interface more and more prominent when looking at. In addition, you can adjust the Night mode so you can save battery usage and soothe your eyes when you use it at night. – Download images and videos: Before downloading videos on Facebook, you had to perform a lot of complicated steps, not to mention there are videos that are subject to copyright that you cannot download. Then with this application has also integrated video download function easily. Your job simply clicks on the video you want to download and then click on the download icon is done. Privacy: Suppose if you let someone borrow your phone to contact or text but you are afraid of others peeking your information on Facebook. This application will help you prevent when such cases occur by setting a password with 4 PINs or fingerprint scanning to activate the application. This will help increase the security of your personal account. Notification board: With this feature, users can view information, read newspapers, text messages displayed on the main screen of your phone without accessing the application.