Pure Tuber (MOD, Extra Features)

Pure Tube High Quality Youtube

HD video and HQ music Various video resolutions are available when downloading videos, including 720p, 1080p HD, 2K HD, and 4K. Videos can be saved directly as MP3 or M4A without additional video for audio conversion. Choose your ideal resolution and enjoy!

YouTube Video Download

Download all your favorable YouTube videos.Pure Tuber is the most powerful and stable YouTube video downloader. Distinguished in professional download experience, Pure Tuber allows users to batch download YouTube playlist, channels that you are following, videos from personal playlists or different categories.

One-click YouTube Login

Sign in with your YouTube Account to sync your YouTube data in one click! This feature is for users who want their subscriptions, watch history and playlists to be shown on Pure Tuber and to get a seamless YouTube experience in our app. One-click login and done. You won't need anything like MicroG for Pure. Nevertheless, you can still choose not to login if you just want to browse privately.

Background Player

- Turn it on, the video will continue to play when you exit the application. So you can continue to use communication apps, such as Line, Messenger, Whatsapp, etc. - Use the Minimize function to fit Tube, on a small resizable and movable window in the corner of your screen. Now you can play your favorite game, check your email or perform any other task! Remove ads for free -

Pure Tuber No ADs Tube

and Free Advanced Premium has collected millions of ad-free videos through AI engine, hope you like it :) - No Ads in the middle of the video, feel free to watch all the Tube videos. 1080P Resolution - Maximum resolution of videos active by default. Note 1. Pure Tuber - No ADs Tube and Free Advanced Premium is a third party tube API. The contents of the videos are from the API Services. 2. Pure Tuber complies with the API Terms of Use. 3. According to YouTube's Terms of Use, we are not allowed to display videos from YouTube when in lockscreen, nor to let you download songs.

LOGIN TO UNLOCK MORE FEATURES The great thing about the app is that users can comfortably use their familiar accounts to access more advanced functions. That includes comments, playlists, and synchronization in all user history. In addition, users can easily customize playlists and have more access to actions to interact with other users or videos. The nature of the application still uses YouTube’s database, so all activities will still be synchronized in real-time, and users can access the video viewing history to search for old or favorite content. WATCH YOUR FAVORITE VIDEOS OFFLINE Pure Tuber will build integration with a feature that allows users to download the videos they love directly. It’s a nifty feature and wasn’t introduced in the original app, and users can even customize the downloader and change the quality of other video elements. On top of that, users can continue to watch downloaded videos in offline mode, and they can combine with other features to discover the great things that come from the application. Pure Tuber is seen as an expanded version of YouTube, but it is more convenient for users to enjoy watching everything globally. Moreover, customization of the recommendation system will become smoother, and users can avoid content that is sensitive to themselves and more. In general, the application has many significant changes in giving users the best video viewing experience, even free and friendly for everyone. Download Pure Tuber (MOD, Extra Features)

WATCH ANY VIDEOS WITH AD-FREE The most outstanding feature of the application is that it is completely free and does not have any ads compared to the original application. Therefore, users will never be interrupted while enjoying videos and stay away from ads forever. However, developers cannot build the application to integrate with the original application. Still, it gives users more novelty and even helps them easily interact with all content commonly and conveniently. While using, users can comfortably interact with the basic functions, and from there, discover great things and the smoothest experience without ads. Moreover, while watching videos, users can cast to linked devices to easily enjoy special content with family. EXTENSIVE VIDEO QUALITY For users, video quality is always the top priority, no matter what they are enjoying. Fortunately, Pure Tuber is built with an intelligent AI, which automatically enhances the quality of the video and gives users a new experience. On top of that, all quality is unlocked, and users can easily watch any video in HD 4K. But, of course, the quality of the videos will remain the same even if the user casts the TV and watches them in various modes. In other words, this application will unlock new potential for users, including enhancing its overall video and audio quality. SMOOTH AND FLEXIBLE WINDOW SCREENS One of YouTube’s biggest downsides is that it automatically stops all content when the user exits the app, so Pure Tuber introduces a function that works in the background. With that feature, people who like to listen to music will become more comfortable and free, can even do other things and listen to music for free and full of quality. On the contrary, if the user wants to watch multiple videos simultaneously, the windows function will make everything simpler and smoother. Moreover, all functions that improve the user experience can be freely customized, and users will always discover new possibilities when watching videos.