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Prisma . Prisma is an application that will turn any, even the simplest photo, into a real work of art. All you have to do is take a photo and choose a style - from impressionism to cubism - and the result is ready. ✅ Premium


How does Prisma work on Android? First, upload a picture. Choose your favorite photos and begin to create. Then, choose the right filter. Prisma uses the styles of famous artists like Munk, Picasso, Van Gogh, Levitan as well as world famous ornaments and patterns to create its filters. Swipe left and right to choose which filter you like. At last, wait a little while and and then your art work will look stunning. What's special between Prisma and other photo editing apps? 1. Many filters are prepared for you. Different filters with different names and you can choose to define the intensity of a filter. 2. Lots of stunning photo effects here. 3. For those social hungry users, you can easily share your edited photos on Instagram and Facebook. 4. Prisma is working on other new features. Including filters for videos.

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