Ocean Is Home : Island Life Simulator

REAL TIME SIMULATION! This is a huge open world that will not let you get bored. Travel and explore the island. Participate in unique events and influence the life of the island. YOUR OWN ISLAND! The whole island is at your command. Here you can build your home, build a career to access new technologies, trade, prepare for travel and do business. DISCOVER NEW REGIONS! You can find many different types of resources, loot, lore, and more as you travel through the archipelago! However, discovering new islands may not be as easy as reaching them. FROM A SIMPLE TOURIST TO A BUSINESS SHARK! Your first job on the island will hardly go unnoticed by anyone, but your development is way ahead. Soon you'll be able to craft more tools and clothing, craft advanced weapons, farm and even deal with real estate! Give houses a second life and live in them or sell them for profit. Make a fortune by renovating and selling houses! HOME - AS AN EXPRESSION! Build your own unique house or entire settlement from many different details. Use different building materials, create your own house design. Paint the walls, glue the tiles, paste the wallpaper, arrange the furniture, hang pictures, think about the lighting, discover and experiment with new elements. Become the best designer on the island! All this is possible with the new advanced construction system! BUILD A CAREER! Live in a full-fledged city. Meeting people. Enjoy the measured city life. Choose a job that suits your taste: firefighter, garbage man, truck driver, paramedic and many other professions. Test yourself in different professions and earn money. DRIVER'S LICENSE! You have your own car. Moreover, it is not just a means of transportation, it can also transport goods, which means that it is a key factor in achieving prosperity on the island! Free download Ocean home: Island Life Simulator - 3D life simulator with elements of exploration, survival and action, construction, farm. Build your career, take root in a new place or explore new previously unknown places.