NewPipe – Youtube Premium

NewPipe is a Youtube client that doesn't use any library that depends on Google's build or any Youtube API. The application is limited to analyzing Youtube itself to obtain the necessary information. This basically means that you can use this app on ANY device, even without Google Services installed. However, the best part of NewPipe isn't to use it without Google Services, it's everything else: its small size (only 2 megabytes) and listening to videos or even downloading them while they are playing in the background. You can also download the video or just the audio. You can choose the resolution (360p by default) in NewPipe's configuration options. You can also connect an external video or audio player to play your videos. And of course, you can choose the directory where you want to save all your downloaded video and audio files. Another interesting option lets you run all traffic through Tor. NewPipe is an outstanding YouTube client that allows you to download Youtube videos in complete privacy. The best part is that it lets you stream music in the background and practically anything you can do with the official client.