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What Does a Fashion Designer Mean? Fashion designer; designs original clothes, accessories and shoes. He draws designs, chooses fabrics and patterns, gives instructions on how to produce the products he designs. What Does a Fashion Designer Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities? fashion design; It is divided into different categories depending on the audience it appeals to, such as haute couture, street fashion, ready-to-wear fashion. The general job description of the fashion designer can be grouped under the following headings; Examining fashion trends and identifying designs that will appeal to consumers, Identify target markets and demographics for designs Deciding on a theme for the creation, Designing by hand or using computer aided design programs to create or visualize the design idea, Visiting manufacturers or trade shows to get fabric samples Working with other designers or team members to create a prototype design Supervising the final production of designs, By examining the appearance of the sample clothes on the models, making sure that the designed product matches the age, gender, style and socioeconomic status of the target consumers, and redesigning the clothes when necessary, To follow general trends in fabric, color and patterns as well as new fashion trends, To be in constant contact with the purchasing and production teams to ensure that the product complies with the customer, market and price criteria, Collaborating with sales points, boutiques, agencies and sales representatives for marketing purposes; organizing a sales meeting for this or displaying sample garments at a fashion show.What Education Is Required To Become A Fashion Designer? To become a Fashion Designer, it is necessary to graduate from Textile Technologies and Design or Fashion Design with a bachelor's degree. A Must-Have A Fashion Designer To have the artistic ability to express the visions for design through illustration, To be able to use computer aided design programs and graphic editing software, Have a good eye to distinguish details such as small differences in colors, Demonstrating creativity that can create unique, functional and stylish designs.