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For those who don't know, haute cauture is a french word and is used for high quality fashion. Haute Couture is a multi-billion-dollar industry and extremely expensive.Contrary to popular belief, there are more men than women in the fashion world. Surprisingly, when it comes to the fashion industry, there are more men than women at the executive level. Most of the CEOs and presidents of major fashion houses are men, not women. Charles Townsend is one of the men who owns Allure, Lucky, Vanity Fair, WWD and Vogue. Another example is Millard Drexler, CEO of J. Crew, but many mistakenly see Jenna Lyons as president. Owners of Black and Red in the fashion industry Continuing with the men who run the industry, Italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani has made red dresses as famous as Coco Chanel's Little Black Dress. Her red dress became so popular that she earned the nickname "Valentino Red". A fun denim fact Cotton fabric has been used in clothing for over 7,000 years. It can make 215 jeans with just one bale of cotton. first sneakers Sneakers came to us thanks to Keds, which was the first company to produce this type of shoe in 1917. Converse produced its first pair of shoes that year. The Queen may be grieving for her marriage. Queen Victoria was the first to wear a white wedding dress. Prior to this, white was used as a color of mourning. However, Chinese people still use white as a color for mourning. In the West, it now symbolizes purity. Bag Passion It is thought that the average woman will buy 145 bags in her lifetime.Oldest garment The skirt is the second oldest garment and only waist cloths precede it. And until the 1600-1700s, both men and women wore them. Do you think the clothes were always displayed on those flamboyant mannequins? In the 1500s, fashion designers displayed their clothes by putting them on miniature dolls. Until 1853, there was no such thing as a model. First false eyelashes The first false eyelashes were invented by Hollywood silent filmmaker D.W. Wanting to beautify the actress's eyelids, these eyelashes were made of real hair. Fafashion women's savior bras All women should thank New York socialite Mary Phelps for creating the modern bra. The products he made and patented in 1914 were not like the ones we wear today. Hers was made of handkerchief. Number of jeans per capita in the USA In the United States, each person owns an average of seven pairs of jeans. That means one for each day of the week! When did women, the real owners of shorts, start wearing shorts? Men have been wearing shorts for decades, but women were only allowed to wear them in public after World War II. One of the main reasons for this was that less fabric was available during the war, so shorts were more affordable than trousers or skirts. Fafashion What is the most popular clothing item in the world? T-shirts are one of the most popular clothing items in the world, with around two billion sold each year. The color of the nobility was reserved for the nobility Historically, purple garments were only worn by judges, emperors, and other aristocracies in Rome, Italy. First Fashion magazine Thousands of fashion magazines are sold each year, but the first fashion magazine was sold in Germany in 1586. Fashion against inflation While the price of many things goes up, clothing actually goes down. Since 1992, clothing prices have fallen by 8.5%. The country does not have to be governed by sharia to interfere with women's clothing. In 1907, a woman was arrested for wearing a one-piece swimsuit on a beach in Boston.Wearing high heels is child's play High heels are nothing new to the world. It was fashionable even for children in the 18th century. Fafashion A five-year-old multimillionaire sewing a wedding dress for his mother Michael Kors' first project was his own mother's wedding dress. He was only 5 years old then. million dollar slippers Harry Winston was the designer of the most expensive shoes in the world. The red ruby slippers he designed sold for $3 million. A crocodile: The first logo for a fashion designer's brand. The famous Lacoste crocodile symbol was created in 1933 and was the first designer logo ever.