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Improve and practice your creativity in music with the Moises App. Discover the secret of leading artists using the world's number one Music Track Sorting App. Separate or extract voices and instruments from any song. Change pitch and speed in real time and instantly create metronome tracks for any melody. Features • Extract and remove vocals from any song • Isolate instruments in any audio / video file Pitch changer: transfer the music to the key of your choice • Smart metronome: creates metronome tracks that synchronize automatically. Speed ​​modifier: speed up or slow down • YZ Chord detection (beta): Play along with synchronized chords. Remix drums, guitars, bass, piano and other instruments Create AI powered samples, mash-up samples, remixes, and background pieces. Work and make music like never before! Moises is ideal for: • Producers Music students and teachers • Karaoke enthusiasts DJs and musicians With Moises, you can get creative and practice or showcase your skills anywhere: • Master your art with tracks without drums, guitars and bass. • Remove vocals and create instrumental tracks for Karaoke. • Create your own backing tracks for any song with synchronized metronome tracks. • Produce, remix, create mashup samples in WAV format with high quality audio sources. Go beyond removing vocals and instruments: • Split voice and instruments into separate parts (vocals, drums, bass, piano and more). • Adjust the volume, change pitch, tempo and export your own playing tracks with the power of our mixer.

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