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A colorful journey into the past – In Roman times, only emperors and judges could wear purple. – The color white, which represents purity in many cultures, is an expression of tiredness according to Chinese culture. – Since orange is the most easily recognizable color, it has become a frequently used tone in terms of occupational safety. – In the Middle Ages, the color green, which represents fertility in Europe, was frequently preferred by pregnant women.19 Trending Facts About Fafashion.The subject of clothing continues to attract attention since the existence of humanity. As you can see, all kinds of information on this subject still have costs in the media. Here is a series of strange information that you can enjoy and show off.1. The world's first store selling clothes was opened in ancient Rome!We have compiled an article with interesting information for you fashion lovers. Think you know everything about fashion? Think again when we shake your minds with 25 interesting fashion facts you didn't know! While many blogs, articles and books have been written about this industry, most of them are probably not aware of this fashion news! Fashion is something people either love or hate. Through the ages, different fashion styles have come and gone, and many of them are making their way back to our clothing stores after a few years. While some people don't mind keeping up with the latest trends, others just can't get enough of the latest styles. Fashion-haters will also enjoy our article with interesting information for fashion lovers. Who was the originator of cufflinks? Napoleon wasn't just about war. He also contributed to fashion in many ways. The reason our jackets have buttons on the sleeves is because Napoleon was tired of his soldiers wiping their noses on their sleeves. The first official fashion week and what was its main purpose? The first official Fashion Week started in New York in 1943. Its main purpose was to distract French fashion during World War II and pave the way for American designers. How many fashion events are there in the world? There are 40 Fashion Weeks and 100 official events. The world's five most important Fashion Weeks are held in the world's fashion capitals: Milan, New York, Berlin, London and Paris. New York began touring internationally with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Considering all the fashion giants, how many Haute Couture designers do you think there are? To become a Haute Couture designer, one must be certified by the Chamber of Trade Unions, the fashion governing body in Paris. How serious is the endorsement? Well, out of the many designers we consider haute couture, only 14 fashion houses have been approved. Some of the unconfirmed applicants are great designers like Giorgio Armani.