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The first fashion magazine was published in Germany in 1586. – The first of the needles, which greatly contributed to the realization of designs, was found from animal bones from 30 thousand years ago. – Pencil and A form skirt was first designed by Christian Dior in the 1950s. Silk, linen and cotton fabrics are the first and most used fabrics that come to mind when it comes to fabric. 900 meters of yarn is produced from one silk cocoon. – The oldest known shoe in history, BC. They are sandals dating back to 7 thousand years. – The tiny pocket on jeans was originally designed for cowboys to store their pocket watches.The shirt, which is indispensable for stylish men today, was considered men's underwear until the 19th century. – The clothes we wear while sleeping, such as pajamas and nightgowns, were designed in the 16th century. Previously, people slept naked. – The creator of the bikini, Louis Réard, thought that this design would create a bombshell, and named Bikini Atoll, the place where the US army tested a bomb in World War II. – Lacoste used the first logo design with the crocodile figure. – Established with the same idea as today's shopping malls, the first area consisting of only clothing stores was established in Ancient Rome. – The first official fashion week was held in New York in 1943. – Barbie's first outfit was a black and white swimsuit. Queen Elizabeth ordered women in her country to wear hats on Sundays.