You are here: Home / Apps / Tools / Getcontact Premium Mod APK (Unlocked/No Ads) GETCONTACT PREMIUM MOD APK (UNLOCKED/NO ADS) Getcontact is a smart app that protects you from an endless stream of spam and calls from unknown numbers. Phone numbers of each user usually get into various databases sold and bought on Internet. It is almost impossible to protect yourself from getting into such databases, but it is quite possible to limit yourself from empty SMS messages and unwanted calls. Getcontact LLC decided to create such a useful service. Over time, its developers supplemented app with many different functions and increased overall quality due to cooperation with millions of users. Here you can set up smart filters to help you protect yourself from all kinds of spam and advertising messages. Moreover, you can also check the number that called you to find out the name of caller and its records in phone books of your friends and colleagues

We are constantly working to make Getcontact more powerful. Our main focus is your safety. Your feedback supports us a lot and we will always continue to do our best with the support we receive from you. MESSENGER: A new service from Getcontact: Messenger With more than 120 million users all over the world, Getcontact offers a great chat experience. Privacy and Security: Always communicate securely with your friends and family with end-to-end encrypted and privacy-enhanced chats that you can use for free. Media: Share messages, photos and videos. Getcontact Messenger is always free. You do not need to purchase any subscription plan. Call all Getcontact users for free, wherever they are in the world. No international call charges*. Get started now to discover more. CALLER ID and SPAM BLOCKING: Getcontact lets you know the caller's identity even if it's not saved in your contacts. It filters annoying calls and lets you only allow your preferred contacts to contact you. Activate the SPAM filter. So you get instant contact alerts if you receive a spam call and get real-time protection from automated calls, telemarketers and scam calls. We're pretty good at fighting spam, and we're striving to make our technology more powerful every day. In 2020 alone, we blocked more than 500 million spam calls and potential fraud attempts. Getcontact draws its power from its users. Block unwanted calls and report them to us. By doing this you can contribute to the protection of hundreds of millions of people who use other Getcontact services.