GameBooster 5

Only GameBooster allows you to have the best gaming experience. Play games at top speed with no lag. CPU, RAM and other hardware features automatically increase performance. Why GameBooster 3? Real Performance enhancer. Developed by engineers who know Android architecture well. Speeds up the services that games use in the background. It plans the CPU management and RAM usage in the most accurate way. Works for all apps. Boost your device's Performance with one click. Just press the Booster icon to speed up your device. Advanced Usage (requires root) Maximum performance - All CPU cores run at top speed. No hangs - All CPU cores stay awake. Best Benchmark score -(Antutu, Geekbench, Quadrant) SD card acceleration optimization Required Permissions and Privacy Notes Usage Stats Permission: We need to be able to see the last app running to boost games. For this we ask for your "Usage Statistics" permission. Permission to Display Over Other Apps: We require "Display Over Other Apps" permission so that we can display the Auto Boost screen, FPS meter and crosshair. Application List: We send your installed packages anonymously to automatically detect and list your installed games.