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Fruit Ninja 2 Mod

Fruit Ninja 2

After 10 years, Fruit Ninja is back with more fruit than he can swing a sword at! Whether you have sharp reflexes, deep wisdom, or hate organic food; Fruit Ninja 2 promises to provide you with fun, immersive gameplay throughout action-packed time periods. Then what are you waiting for? Draw your sword and get ready to slice! FEATURES: - Race solo with original modes like Arcade, Zen or Classic, or ramp up the excitement with Fruitar Hero, the Mini-Game Shuffle and rhythmic slicing mode. - Want to share the fun with your friends? Dive into real-time multiplayer modes with players from around the world to slice fruit on your way to become the Fruit Ninja Champion! - Mix and match all new swords and power-ups to maximize your combos, stun and crit points - Express your inner ninja with new characters, character skins and taunt packs. - Relax and feel the beauty of different locations, each arena with its own visuals and music


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