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If you love football and want to instantly know the results of games played around the world, FotMob - Live Football Scores is the app for you. With this application you can access all the information about the games that interest you. This app shows every detail for any match, including scores, yellow and red cards, substitutions, statistics and other relevant information. FotMob - Live Football Scores organizes matches by date and you can view them by country or category. In each section, you can see the starting times of each game and the type of tournament. If the game has already been played, you can see the last score. Not only do you have access to game results, you can also browse the list of TV channels where games are reposted, along with many news organized by the time of release. The app also has alerts that you can use so you never miss a single activity, whatever the situation.

Soccer App

FotMob is a slick soccer app for your Android phone. It looks good and covers any league you can throw at it! In earlier versions, James considered FotMob an impressive app that severely limited it by the lack of leagues. These problems are completely solved in version 6 - from national teams to US leagues and from all football giants in South America to the Champions and Europa Leagues there are hundreds of leagues you can get.

As you can imagine, FotMob's Livescore allows you to watch live matches in progress. The table shows league rankings, shows Round matches and results, and News clearly shows you the latest information on your teams. By scrolling through each of these options, you'll find more features like commenting on matches or sharing news stories. FotMob is a great app. It would be crazy to leave the house without any football fans!

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