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Music is an indispensable part of our lives, "the food of the soul" in classical terms. Our smartphones, on the other hand, have become devices that we do not take a second from our side. While we can handle all our work on our phones, all the activities we enjoy are in our pockets. There are millions of people who actively prefer to listen to music on the go, at work, in sports. Various apps are being driven to enhance the music experience that is sometimes possible. Today, we share applications that will increase the enjoyment of Android life music with you.

Lark Player

The reason Lark Player ranks first on the list is because it has numerous customizability features, as well as the largest music list currently among music apps. With many extra features such as the sleep timer, the application that considers the user manages to be the most popular Android music application.

AudioVision Music Player

The Pulsar application, which is in the second place in the most liked list, also maintains its popularity because it offers many features to the user. The application, which offers different options such as the ability to bring lyrics to the screen, fast song transitions, playback speed settings, voice command, can also be used in Chromecast and Android Auto.
What makes AudiVision app different is that you can see what you are listening to. With dozens of customizable visual effects, you will be able to see the music you listen to on your screen with different effects.


What sets AIMP apart from its competitors is that it offers the user an easy-to-use and somewhat nostalgic interface. The application, which has the features of searching by different genres, artist names and lists, as in other music applications, supports audio files in all formats.

Pi Music Player

Among the applications we have introduced so far, Pi Music Player is the application with the most customizability feature. The feature that makes the application different with its highly detailed features and different themes is that it allows you to cut a part of the song you want and make a ringtone to your phone.

Audio Beats Music Player

The application has many features such as different themes, smart lists, and ability to watch lyrics, as well as a sound balancing system that brings the music experience to a great dimension. At the same time, it supports 35 different language options, making it a top application in terms of ease of use.

Musicolet Music Player

Although users want more features and options, sometimes the difficulty of use can cool people from applications. This is exactly what musicolet targets. With its simple user interface and uncomplicated options, it is a great option for Android users who only want to listen to quality music.


Phonograph is the most aesthetic app ever among Android music apps. The application, where you have a lot of chances to visually design, is also easy to use. At the same time, the application, which offers the opportunity to listen to music on Last.fm, is very popular among those who love music and design together.

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