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Music Lovers: Best Music Apps Can you imagine a life without music? We can't think! Although it evokes different meanings for everyone, it is certain that music occupies a very important place in human life. Some of us to stay on their own when we are sad, to calm ourselves when some of us are excited because some of us cannot stay still when they are very happy; but we all resort to music in some way. This list is very important for music lovers. Here is a list of our favorite music apps that can accompany Spotify that we use every moment of our day: Music Applications
Unlike other music apps, 8tracks is an internet radio created by individuals rather than algorithms. All the playlists in this application, which you can download for free, are created by people who are passionate about music, so we can say that it is a kind of "handmade" lists. They have one goal, to bring together music lovers from all over the world. With 8tracks, which is also very rich in content, you can listen to your music without interruption, and instantly find the playlists you want to listen to by using ready-made tags, which match the artist, song, type of music or your mood.


If you are one of those who expect not only to offer music but also many other features from the music app they download, iHeartRadio is the right choice for you. In addition to bringing you together with countless music from 80's and 90's hits to categories such as alternative, holiday, classical and rock, you can also listen to podcasts on different topics and create playlists of your favorite songs on iHeartRadio. You can set your favorite radio channels as your alarm and wake up to your favorite music at any time you want. So much so that there is even a "snooze" feature in the application! So if you want iHeartRadio, we can say that you have both a radio and an alarm. It's not over; The application also brings you the lyrics of the song you are listening to, allows you to read the biography of the artist you want, and allows you to share the radio channels you like with others.

iHeartRadio - Free Music, Radio & Podcasts

IHeartRadio, a radio company, offers you radio channels with high sound effects, iHeartMedia, Inc. Internet radio platform operating under the umbrella of. It was established in April 2008 as iheartmusic.com. It is available on the Internet for mobile devices and on some video game consoles. IHeartRadio Music Awards distributed for the first time in 2014

Qello concerts by Stingray

Let's face it, sometimes it's not enough to listen. One wants to be present at the moment the song you are listening to, and experience that special experience personally. Stingray Qello Concerts is such an application that it offers you the opportunity to watch the inspirational music documentaries of legendary artists from The Beatles to Tom Petty, moreover, live concerts of your favorite genres from start to finish. Yes, even if there is a concert taking place on the other side of the world, you can watch the concert and enjoy the music feast from wherever you want, as if you were there at that moment. We're talking about live performances of popular names like Beyonce, Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga and many more, and witnessing past scenes of legends like Queen, Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones!

TIDAL Music - Hifi Songs, Playlists, & Videos

Finally, let's introduce you to Jay-Z's app called Tidal! Tidal's rich content is not limited to music, which is clearly different from other apps by offering the listeners Hi-Fi, a high-quality music experience. In the application, you can access many resources, from carefully created playlists by music writers to interviews with musicians, from explanations about the albums you like, to music articles. If you wish, even the Twitter feed of your favorite artists comes to your screen! You should also examine TIDAL Rising, which aims to support new talents, and What’s New, where you can find new, special music.

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