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Asana Rebel Pro

Asana Rebel Pro

Asana Rebel

Subscribed - Access to all programs - Access to all exercise programs - Access to coaches - access to training plans - Nag Disabled Note: Learning a workout Plan, then buy will disappear

Asana Rebel Yoga is the most effective way to make her feel hotter and healthier than ever before. Some short workouts by yoga experts and athletes offer real results without the pain that comes with demanding programs. Adapting to your fitness level Achieve your goals with 100% personalized workouts. Lose weight, loosen or take the shape of your life and download it now. - Motivating exercises from 10 to 30 minutes - Advanced, modern yoga system /> - You don't need equipment to practice yoga - Train anytime and anywhere - Psychological mechanisms that have proven to keep you regularly - More than 400 exercise variations to adapt to your fitness level and goals - Ideal for all levels - whether for beginners or yogis - Detailed video lessons for better fit ---

Subscribed - Access to all programs - Access to all exercise programs - Access to coaches - Access to education plans - Nag Update Disabled Note: Adjust any exercise Plan, then the buy button will disappear

The description of Asana Rebel App Asana Rebel is the YOGA AND FITNESS app for anyone who wants to GET FIT, LOSE WEIGHT, and start a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Yoga Inspired Fitness is changing the way 10 million users worldwide exercise. Join today! THE RESULTS TO EXPECT - Lose weight, burn calories - Get fit and lean, strengthen your core - Increase flexibility to boost your performance - Balance the body while focusing the mind - Leave the stress of the day behind GET IN SHAPE - A different way to sweat Tone your body while strengthening your spirit. Get ready to blast calories, rev up your heart rate and boost metabolism. STRENGTH - Stronger than yesterday Unleash your inner warrior with head-to-toe strengthening sequences, designed to keep your abs and other key muscle groups in tip-top shape. FLEXIBILITY - Bend, don’t break Anti-aging and vitality! Enjoy deep stretches that release tension and increase your range of motion. BALANCE & FOCUS - Confidence - in a pose Find inner serenity and peace by allowing your mind to focus on the task at hand. BREATHE & RELAX - Just breathe Calm your mind and body by focusing on deep inhales and exhales. Purposeful breathing and relaxation techniques keep your movements flowy. ACCESS TO - 100+ workouts designed by yoga and fitness experts - Personalized workouts according to your health and fitness goals - Curated workout collections to achieve specific fitness goals - Filtered results: Browse by fitness goals, duration, intensity, or collection - Workout previews: Full video previews with exercise tutorials - New content, all the time!

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