GPS HUD Speedometer PRO

gps hud speedometer android app is the most accurate digital speedometer on the store to measure bike speed , bicycle speed , jogging speed, walking speed, car speed ...the digital speedometer app is free to use for as long as you wish , the app has a lot of features compared to the other speedometer apps on the store and here are some of the gps speedometer app features.1:the hud speedometer app shows the current speed and also the average speed and also the distance.2: digital speedometer uses the gps on your phone to track and measure your speed and show a 99% accurate speed .3: built in feature that allows you to set a maximum speed and the speedometer hud app will notify you if you exided that speed.4:digital speedometer can work offline so you dont have to worry if you don't have access to the internet .5: gps speedometer works also in the background so you can check your speed in the background while using your phone for other things .6: you can save your trip information for later , like the fastest you drove and also for how long and the average speed.7: several colors and fonts and sizes and also a built in HUD ( head up display ) which means you can keep your eyes on the road at all times while checking your speed.8: the digit gps speedometer pro app has 3 speed units MPH & KMPH & KNOT . so you can choose the one that you like.those are just of many features the speedometer pro app provides , download it and discover many more. the speedometer hud app could be very useful if you don't like the built in speedometer in you car or it's broken , or you just need more data .

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