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There are millions of mobile apps on the Google Play Store and it seems like we can't stop at one particular app. Finding the best and the right one can be a bit confusing. No matter what type of Android app you are looking for, there are many similar apps that may surprise you when choosing the best one. Here is a curated compilation of the best Android apps to look for in 2021, especially if you own an Android device and want to add some essential apps to your arsenal. This can also be a great opportunity to say goodbye to some old Android apps that you no longer really use while you make some New Year's Resolutions for 2021. The best Android apps you should try in 2021 So, let's have a look at the list of the best android apps that can help you keep your life more fun and organized:

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher has a very smooth, fast, lightweight UI and tons of customizations. Also, the Android App Store has a number of icon packs to tweak it even more. Nova Launcher is one of the best Android launchers in the Android App Store, allowing you to customize your app drawer, app dock, notification badges, icons and folders, and dozens of gestures for easy navigation. The premium version of this android mobile app unlocks much more features and customization including some locked gestures, themes and gives you more control of your smartphone's UI. Notable features of the best new android apps, Nova Launcher app: — Full control over the UX / UI of phones; — Organize app drawers, gestures, notifications and more; — Sesame shortcuts are available for several applications; — Night mode, multiple themes, customizable text, icons, files, folders; — Hide and show folders. Download here for Android

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus is one of the best apps for Android security that you must have on your device. Protects you from malware threats with excellent virus detection software. It can easily search in browser history, microSD card as well as internal storage. These great apps for android security have the best anti-theft features such as location search, remote data wipe and also increase the security of your bank information whenever you switch from your Android Device. Kaspersky app with notable features of the best android apps of all time: — Virus Cleaner and automatic malware blocking; — Scans for viruses, spyware, ransomware and trojans on demand and in real time; — Protects from thieves by deleting personal information from your device; — Add secret code to access your private messages, photos and more; — Keeps your financial information safe when shopping and banking online. Download here for Android

Google Pay

Android has some of the best options for mobile payments, depending entirely on the type of device you have. Google Pay is one of the best apps of all time for android, it allows you to add any type of card from the given bank list and also lots of rewards cards. It keeps all the information safe as the actual card number is never shared, in fact a virtual card number is used to keep the card details safe. Notable features of the best free android apps Google Pay app: — Transfer money at any time; — Sending and Receiving Money via Voice; — Pay Utility Bills: electricity, gas, water, property tax, insurance bill, DTH recharge etc. — Multiple Payment Options: QR code, UPI name, bank details and mobile number; — Earn rewards for every payment. Download here for Android


Instasize is an advanced photo editing app and one of the must-have Android apps that offers a host of professional photo editing features. Instasize was started with the vision of empowering everyone with tools and inspiration to create unique and meaningful content and has brought together millions of users worldwide. The basics are available for free, but the premium features offer hundreds of extra options, unique backgrounds and beauty tools, and allow users to make great edits on the go, making it one of the best Android apps. Notable features of Instasize: — More than 100 original filters — Vintage overlays for movie-inspired effects — Color adjustment tools — Unique and exclusive content — Instagram, TikTok, etc. Custom templates for Download here for Android


Again one of the best apps for Android, Zomato lets you explore restaurants near you to dine out or order food online. Browse restaurants' pictures, menus, user reviews, and decide where to eat, Zomato's map feature will guide you there. This Android app has many other unique features that cater to customer needs such as takeaway, table reservation and discoveries. You can also find many discounts and offers at restaurants, making it easy to carry your business in your pocket. Notable features of top Android apps, Zomato app: — For Restaurants, Bars and Cafes the island, location, kitchen, etc. Easy search by; — Best burgers, great hangouts, trendy restaurants, etc. Selected lists of places such as; — Connect with your friends and follow them to see what and where they eat; — Book yourself a table in any restaurant; — Zomato Gold: Discounts and offers for premium members. Download here for Android


mint Finally, there is a place where all android users can trust to manage all their finances. Mint is a money manager and by far one of the best apps for android when it comes to managing your finances. It brings together bank accounts, credit cards, bills and investments so you can always be informed and in control of your spending and savings. Wonderful! It is the perfect and much needed best free android app for employees. Notable features of good apps for Android, Mint app: — Manage your bank accounts, mortgage, credit/debit cards, details; — Automatically suggest budget amounts based on your spending history; — Set short- or long-term savings goals, such as emergency financing or debt reduction; — Set reminders to pay your bills; — Customizable reports include income, expenditure, liabilities, assets and net worth. Download here for Android

30 must-have Android apps in 2021 From mobile payments to ordering food online, a list of the best Android apps for 2021


Creating new connections has become easier than ever before via your Android device. Now, Bumble is here to make it easy. This Android app has simplified the dating process to make it safer so you can meet the right people. This Android mobile app allows users to scroll through possible links from around the world. The most interesting part of the phone app for Android is that even women have the option to take the first step into a more meaningful discussion. Notable features of free apps for Android phones, Bumble app: — Conversations are under the control of the woman; — Matches will end within 24 hours if no action is taken within this time; — Not limited to heterosexual couples; — Extra verification features, upload a picture of yourself doing a certain move; — Bumble BFF / Bumble Bizz mode to find friends. Download here for Android

Google Find My Device

Google's Find My Device is the best free android app of all time which comes in handy in case your device is stolen or lost. It is extremely easy to use, helps you locate your device when it is lost, reset its passcode or password, and best of all, you can erase all data. Locating and remotely wiping data are a few attractive features it has. This is one of the best apps for Android to stay connected and secure your Android device. Notable features of the best phone app for Android, Find My Device app: — Know the location of your lost device; — Access from a laptop, desktop or even an iPhone without the need for another android device; — Find all your phones logged in with the same account; — Wipe phone data remotely; — Lock the lost phone or play a soundtrack to watch. Download here for Android


Spotify is one of the best music apps for Android that you shouldn't miss. It helps you access world music. You can listen to all your favorite music, albums and also create your own playlists. So what is the first thing you want to do after downloading this phone app for android? Here you go, choose a ready-made playlist that fits your mood or musical taste and enjoy unmatched sound quality. Notable features of the Android phone app Spotify: — Listen to streaming and downloading music in higher quality; — Return to the playlist you deleted; — Find melodies similar to your songs, artists; — Keep some of your songs private; — Explore Weekly: The playlist chosen for you based on your interests. Download here for Android


CamScanner is one of the must-have Android apps for your device of all time. This app uses your phone's camera to scan documents. It features smart cropping and auto-enhancement for text and graphics so they look crisp and sharp. Documents in Jpeg and PDF formats can be shared easily, and the AirPrint and fax documents feature is the best. This best free android app has a great feature to sync documents with multiple android devices. CamScanner is a great app for students, and we know very well that life as a college student can be pretty hectic, especially if they're working part-time jobs. This article writing platform provides assistance whether you write an assignment from scratch or reread and edit your work. It also has a dedicated team of web developers working on a mobile version of the app. After the EssayPro app has been tested, it can be publicly downloaded. On top of that, they offer a blog section full of how-to guides for the most popular academic tasks accessible to users and visitors alike. Notable features of the best free apps for Android phones, CamScanner app: — Multi-page documents with intelligent enhancement are scanned with a variety of advanced modes; — Automatically crop the scanned photos and save the results to the system in PDF / JPEG format; — Add notes and tags to any document for easy search; — Scans faxes over a network, sends PDF files via e-mail; — Upload files to cloud storage and print files wirelessly with Google Cloud Print. Download here for Android


Hulu is a great app for Android where you can easily watch TV and browse the latest online movies and shows. It is more personalized and can be used for live TV shows, movies, etc. You can choose from many options, as well as select on-demand channels. Hulu's massive streaming library includes the latest and past seasons of famous shows like Fargo, South Park, Fear, Walking Dead, and more. The more you watch, the better, with MYStuff for Android you can watch your favorite shows, movies, etc. You can follow easily. This Android app has been named one of the most followed and loved streaming libraries. Notable features of Hulu app, the best free android apps: — Focuses primarily on broadcasting new TV shows and their own original content; — On-demand and live TV with over 50 popular channels; — Works on multiple devices, Android and iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablets, Google's Chromecast devices, Mac and PC browsers; — A large library of content; — Automatically adjust quality levels based on your internet speed. Download here for Android

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