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Fashion is one of the most important concepts that shape the understanding of life of human being as a social being. Fashion was one of the first subjects that the first people talked about after they had fed their stomachs. The social impulses of people are always based on attracting people's taste and interest in a new and harmonious sense of taste. The use of the word fashion in us is based on the culture and art interaction developed by the Ottomans in the Westernization process through France. Globally, fashion has found a usage area in the professional jargon with the word fashion in English. The origin of the word fashion comes from the Latin word “facio”. The word "fashion" used by us today, on the other hand, means a method, style or behavior that is up-to-date and corresponds to the spirit of the time. When we think of fashion, we often think of innovations and behaviors in the field of clothing, but fashion expresses innovation and mentality patterns in all areas of life. Fashion is a mirror in which a social spirit or a global trend can be observed in all respects. Fashion is a direct source of satisfaction for our individualized lives and our need for belonging, difference and originality in the globalizing world. In addition to being a means of satisfying individual needs, fashion also expresses the area of ​​existence of a huge industrial sector. The basis of fashion is to reveal something new, but more importantly, to make something different attractive in minds. Being fashionable is a different feeling and event than having normal clothes. Fashion is not to meet a need, but to give that need a meaningful appearance and a harmonious feeling. In this sense, fashion is new and different, not the principle of benefit; It can be seen as an artistic occupation in terms of revealing the beautiful and original.