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What are Clothing Styles and Fashion Trends? Detailed information about clothing styles and names, what you want to learn about fashion trends from the history of fashion, clothing styles and types...Clothing Styles and Names There are many different clothing styles in the clothing and fashion industry. For centuries, people dressed in certain styles, and over time, other people began to adopt and follow certain styles of clothing, which first started with the elite and the rulers. After the 20th century, clothing and fashion began to change and develop rapidly. Many fashion trends were created and people started to follow whatever style they liked. Here are the clothing styles and names that have developed in the last centuries and especially after 1900. For detailed information about the article, you can click on the link and learn more about the mentioned clothing styles or fashion trends.Alternative clothing style - alternative fashion: It is the original street fashion that is formed by the combination of many different subcultures and fashions. Androgynous clothing style: It is the inclusion of women in men's clothing. Military clothing style: The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to military clothing is dark army green clothing and camouflage patterns. Avant-garde clothing style: It represents products that are not practical and wearable in daily life, but are prepared as creative and artistic clothing, different from extraordinary materials. Bohemian clothing style: The main starting point of this trend was people who did not have much money to spend on clothing and who valued comfort rather than looking beautiful. It emerged as a shabby and shabby style. Derbeder is the comfortable and shabby way of dressing for people or communities who live without thinking about the future and adopt a carefree lifestyle.