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Unknowns and Firsts of Fashion The most important thing to know about fashion is that it is constantly renewing and changing like a flowing river. This change may take place in a day or even years. Finally, something that is at the center of appreciation and attention as fashion today may be outdated, that is, repulsive and absurd, tomorrow. Now, if we were to compile the best and the first in the history of fashion for you, many of the details listed below will surprise you.In Medieval Europe, green was the most important color preferred by pregnant women as it represented the resurrection and nature. Germany, where the first factories and workshops were established after England in the industrial revolution, also hosted the first fashion magazine. This magazine, which was published in Germany in 1586, spread to all countries. The first needles, the golden bowl of the textile world, the area where the word fashion is heard most, were obtained from animal bones 30 thousand years ago. Shoes, one of the most important pieces that come to mind when people think of clothing, were first introduced in the form of sandals in the BC. America, the homeland of jeans, is also the place where the first trouser pocket was designed. The first pockets were designed for cowboys to carry their watches. Shirts, which are seen as one of the most important pieces of clothing by men and women today, were considered men's underwear until the 19th century. The history of our pajamas, which is indispensable for our sleep, dates back to the 16th century. Before that date, she mostly slept naked. The name of bikinis, which is another name for women to look extremely beautiful, is based on an interesting story. The designer of these clothes, Louis RĂ©ard, to refer to the fact that what he designed would have a bombshell effect. He named Bikini Atoll after the place where the US army tested a nuclear bomb during World War II. The first logo design, which is the brand symbol for clothes, was used by the Lacoste brand with the crocodile figure. America, the heart of the fashion industry, is also the place where the first official fashion week is held. The first Official Fashion Week was held in New York in 1943 and became the center of attention. There is no one who does not know how effective the toys known as Barbie dolls are on the beauty parameters of girls. Barbie dolls, which are sold today with clothes of all colors and patterns, were wearing nothing but a black and white swimsuit when they first appeared.